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Developing a Legacy Culture

Life is the sum of all your choices

Albert Camus

What is stopping you from making a decision that will change your life. Not to decide, is to decide. Not happy about the legacy that has been handed to you? Have you received a heritage that would make Cruella De Vil blush. You can do something about changing that legacy for those who follow. The greatest waste of time is the time it takes to get started, once you have determined your path. No more excuses.

Imagine connecting with others who desire to pay it forward for the benefit of the next generation. Imagine participating in a church that is intentional about leaving the church in better shape for those who follow. Imagine working for an organization that is committed to training and equipping and inspiring those coming up through the ranks.

What kind of legacy are you leaving for those who follow? At the office? In your neighborhood? At church? Good intentions won’t get it done. You have to decide, and no one can do it for you. Break the chain of “if only” and begin to build a legacy of blessing and honor!

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Legacy Church

Shouldn’t the church be the best place for equipping world class leaders? Shouldn’t the church be a leadership breeding ground where character and humility are fundamental to the faith? Is there a problem our world is facing that a God honoring leader couldn’t help find solutions?. Great leaders inspire others to sacrifice, work hard and make a positive contribution to society that impacts generations to come.

Great leaders leave a legacy of serving and giving and sacrificing for the benefit of those who follow. What kind of legacy are you leaving? Do you have integrity and consistency to get the right things done? Godly leaders are learning to flourish in society, while keeping their priorities at home.

King David was so skilled in developing leaders with integrity of heart and skillful hands, that his leaders were compared to “the armies of God.” (1 Chronicles 12:22)

What a legacy!

Healthy Boundaries

Peter Drucker, commented that one day historians will write about this generation as a people who had more opportunities than ever in history, while being ill prepared to choose from those opportunities.

We have more time saving conveniences than ever in history, but we seem to have more stress, less freedom and less time. Rather than enjoying the freedom that comes with being more efficient, we try to pack more into our hectic lives. Healthy boundaries come when we learn to practice the disciplined pursuit of less but better. Saying “no” graciously and firmly is the critical skill for finding the margin that is so necessary into today’s crazy busy world.

Experience the freedom and peace that God intends for those who love Him.

Laying the Foundation for a New Legacy

A lasting legacy starts in the home, and a healthy marriage is the cornerstone. It’s time to break the chains of those habits that are holding you back from the kind of marriage God intends. Poor conflict resolution skills have been passed down through generations. Effective communication is the key to building a solid marriage that will last a lifetime.

There is no perfect marriage, and those marriages that last, are marriages that have been built with skill and attention to detail. No one falls into a great marriage and we can help you with your goals to cause your marriage to impact generations to come.

Parenting on Purpose

No one ever said that parenting would be easy! The culture is ripe with opportunities for our children to run with the wrong crowd or be influenced by those whose values lead to disaster. Parenting skills have never been more necessary for navigating the minefields that have the potential for taking our children out.

Learn how to become proactive in parenting so that there are fewer surprises. Anticipate how you will handle the inevitable surprises and heartbreaks that come with parenting young people who have a will of their own in a corrupt culture.

Dream of what will be said at your memorial, as your children and grandchildren gather to give you the honor that you deserve. You are living that out right now, let us help guide you on that path.

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