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Custom Coaching:

  • Designed to make the most of a Sabbatical experience.
  • The first one hour consultation is free. Receive an overview of how to plan a custom designed Sabbatical to make the most of this season of regeneration and renewal. You will also receive a proposal for a Sabbatical to take to the Board for approval.

Option 1

Weekly one hour coaching sessions for planning and implementing a life changing Sabbatical season (Skype or by phone)

Option 2

  • 3-day retreat to Southern California to launch a Sabbatical season with some fun and rest while being coached on goals and priorities for a uniquely regenerative Sabbatical experience.
  • These are offered three times a year (January, May, August)

A Strategic Season

A time of rest and re-evalutation. Normal ministry life often does not provide the opportunity to slow down to make healthy life adjustments in the midst of ever increasing stress that comes from an active and growing ministry.

A sabbatical is unique opportunity to breathe, revisit forgotten dreams, reviewing what is important, while making healthy mid-course corrections.  It is a chance to evaluate why on earth God has you here, and discern how the demands on time and energy may have caused you to drift off target from your passion and unique calling. It is a time for quiet reflection, listening to the Spirit of God for his calling on your life.

Bill Hybels famously confessed, “The way we were doing the work of God was destroying the work of God in us.” Don’t let that happen to you. Unfortunately, too often pastors don’t ask for help until it is too late.

A Sabbatical is the opportunity to identify and delegate responsibilities that are sucking the life out of you.

Reset your personal spiritual patterns, marital priorities, family, health, career and friends. Success sickness is a malady that plagues those in business and ministry. Healthy joy filled relationships are often the casualties of a stress filled life out of balance.

Through prayer, reflection and planning we assist people in listening to the Holy Spirit, so the they can live intentionally by God’s design, rather than by the tyranny of the urgent.

Essential Details

  • Scheduling dates and travel plans.
  • Develop budgets and resources
  • Coordinate appointments for strategic meet ups.
  • Set a well planned itinerary.

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