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Project Description

Stuck? In Transition? New to the Team? We Can Help!

Online Life Coaching

With a coach, everyone does better and the coachable individual excels exponentially.

Benefits We Bring as Life Coaches

We help you reach your goals, achieving results that have been elusive in your past. We will encourage you and support you and challenge you to follow through on steps to reaching your dreams, not letting you settle for mediocrity. With over forty years of coaching experience, we specialize in assisting you as you lay out your options, determining your priorities and organizing your strategy while providing new approaches and new skills to implement. As life coaches, we help you pinpoint what is truly important to you, then direct you to helpful resources, skillsets and action plans for setting you up for success in realizing your dreams.

What is the difference between coaching and counseling? We are glad that you asked!

As your life coach we provide healthy accountability that engages:

  • The head – collecting the needed information
  • The hands – determining specific action steps
  • The heart – sustaining forward momentum through energized motivation

Strategic Value:

With a coach everyone does better.

Coaching is common in sports and in business and now common in every day life. A coach provides the feedback, accountability, guidance and inspiration needed when people get stuck and lose focus on dreams and aspirations. With so many options and opportunities available today, coaches can help sort through the whirlwind of distractions to identify the essentials in the disciplined pursuit of less, but better.

As professionally trained life coaches we will listen to you, drawing out what is most important to you, then assist you in developing strategies leading to results, moving you toward your purpose in life.

Hiring a life coach is your best strategic step in developing the skills you need to change your life for the better. As your coach we will inspire you to get going, then cheer you on as you accomplish one success after another. Everyone goes through times of self-doubt, discouragement and depression. A coach will help you stay focused when you find yourself in the valley of despair. Every professional athlete and every olympic participant knows the benefit of coaching for achieving success. This is why coaching is so valuable for everyone who desires to excel in life.

Life Coaches Help You:

  • Establish your goals, priorities and dreams.
  • Determine steps on the path to your dream destination.
  • Reveal the obstacles and roadblocks that have intimidated and demoralized you in the past.
  • Help develop life skills and mental approaches for overcoming obstacles.
  • Celebrate the wins as you make progress and see results.

Online is Better?

Life coaching online or over the phone has many benefits over face-to-face coaching.

  • No wasted travel time, fighting the traffic.
  • Not limited to finding a coach in your neighborhood, but the right coach from anywhere in the world.
  • Unlimited options for specialized coaching topics – find the right person with experience for helping you with your purpose, weight, finances or pain.
  • Connect with your coach even when you are at home sick, without concern for spreading germs.

Peter Drucker, commented that one day historians will write about this generation as a people who had more opportunities than ever in history, while being ill prepared to choose wisely from those opportunities.

We have more time saving conveniences, yet more stress, less freedom and less time. We pack more into our lives, rather than enjoying the freedom that comes with being more efficient in dealing with what we already manage. Healthy boundaries come when we learn to practice the disciplined pursuit of less but better. Saying “no” graciously and firmly is the critical skill for finding the margin that is so necessary in today’s crazy busy world. We can help you as we have helped so many others to experience freedom and joy that comes with living your life on purpose.

We Can Coach Around the World

Don’t limit yourself to local coaches with limited ability. No matter where you live, we can coach you to excel at work and at home. Distance and cost of travel are no longer limiting factors. We have led hundreds of people on the path to greater joy and fulfillment and we can serve you as well.

What is Important to You?

Identify where you need help. Where are you stuck? As your coach we specialize in helping you with relationships, your career, health, finances and your life purpose and calling in life. We will help you take action steps towards your goals, but it all starts when you determine what goals you want to achieve and how serious you are about making changes.

We have been coaching people for over 40 years. This practical experience means that our coaching can be trusted as it has been tempered over a lifetime. You wouldn’t ask someone to perform surgery on you, who only read about it in books. You need someone to coach you with years of practical insights for overcoming the roadblocks that have prevented your progress in the past. You wouldn’t read a book on marriage by someone who has been married seven times. Our coaching has a proven track record of success in the areas where you want to excel.

A September 2013 report from research leader Gallup found that 70% of people are unengaged from or actually hate their jobs. We find solutions!

Project Details

Personalized assessments, holistic goals and pointed to consistent progress.

All online through Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, GoToMeeting or by phone.

For individuals, leaders, managers and employees who are looking to take the next step with some experienced guidance.

Guidance for professionals who are stuck in the process of multiplying impact by developing an ever-expanding well equipped team.

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10 weeks

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3 Day



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24/7 Access

It is never too late to begin again!

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