Forgiveness Self Evaluation Questions:

  1. When have I said “Would you forgive me?” in the last month?
  2. When have I forgiven in the last month? Have I prayed for that person?
  3. When I say, “I forgive you,” is it genuine, from the heart?
  4. When was the last time I took initiative to seek forgiveness when I offended?
  5. Which is more difficult, forgiving or asking to be forgiven?
  6. Do I deserve God’s forgiveness more than the other person?
  7. When I forgive, does it mean that I have to trust?
  8. Is there anyone I am refusing to forgive? (ask God’s Spirit to reveal this)
  9. Can Christians live full lives without extending forgiveness?
  10. Has my attempt to forgive made me vulnerable to further hurt? (forgive anyway!)
  11. Who is the most forgiving person I know?
  12. Have I seen the bitter results of a person’s unwillingness to forgive?
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