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What’s the most lasting, most impactful, meaningful Christmas gift you can give?

Unfortunately you can give a gift without loving, out of obligation, custom or routine. However, you cannot love without giving.

What good is an expensive gift, if it doesn’t represent a heart of genuine love?

Whether you can afford to give an extravagantly expensive gift, or just a simple gesture, consider giving the gift of written words.

Give a Bible, or a great book, but take the time to express your heart for the receiver by etching a message from your heart on the inside panel.

As a pastor, I have hundreds of books, full of words, yet few words are as memorable as those written by the special friend who gave that book as a gift. It is a gift that keeps on giving every time I crack open each book.

Recently I came across a special note, inside a book, given to me thirty years ago. It was so special that I made a copy of the note and emailed it back to my dear Lead Pastor friend, expressing my sincere appreciation for his investment in my life long long ago that set the trajectory of my ministry for years to come.

The best Christmas gift ever is the gift of words!

Take the time to express your heart in words this Christmas. Make a list, spouse, sons, daughters, nieces and nephews, asking God to give you wisdom as you seek to bless those you love.

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