Living the Dream

After a marvelous wedding for our second son, we moved out of our townhouse, putting everything into storage, while we are “glamping” in Acton, CA with our #3 son and his wife Meghan. We will be moving back into our home in Simi Valley on December 1st, so for now we are homeless and staying with family and friends. What do you expect from these crazy Lubecks? We are having the time of our lives. Robin loves camping! You should see our tent! 🙂

We met with a contractor friend this week as we prepare to move back into a house that we have rented out to people for the last eleven years. There are lots of renovation projects to do. We start in three weeks. My contractor friend encouraged us to dream of all that we want to do to the house, then figure out which parts of the dream we can afford. That was all that Robin needed to hear. She already has floor plans and color coordinated details and walls to add, move and eliminate.

It is fun to dream, especially “blue sky dreaming,” where you have no limits. Everything worth while starts with a dream. All great dreams quickly degenerate into realism, what we can afford and how much sweat equity we can invest and how many dollars we have available.

Our biggest dream is to love God and love people. This home will be a tool for ministering to people and a landing spot for us when we return from trips to serve our friends in ministry and on the mission field.

What is your dream?

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Living the dream! Stan & Robin

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