Inspiring Leadership


There are two ways to influence people’s behavior; manipulation, or inspiration. Manipulation is saying, “I’ll be your best friend, if you…” It works. You see it in business and politics, in peer pressure, I’ll scratch your back if… I’ll drop the price if… Manipulation is effective. You see it practiced in the military, you obey orders, you don’t have to do 50 pushups, do KP, or go to the Brig. Because your commanding officer has positional leadership and authority, you “have to” obey. That is positional leadership (manipulation based), whether or not you like or respect the person, you respect the position and obey.

The purest form of leadership is “want to” leadership. This is when you respect the leader’s life and character so much, that you “want to” follow them, by power of the example, by their “being.”

This is the type of leadership that Jesus modeled. Because of the perfect and inspiring life He lived, the Disciples wanted to follow Him. They wanted to be “with” Him and follow Him because of who He is.

This is why all great leaders are inspirational, they model what they expect from others. They don’t ask others to do what they are unwilling to do themselves.

Check out Shawn Lovejoy’s test to assess your “Inspirational Quotient.”

Do We Inspire People Around Here?

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